Regarding the Presidential Candidate, Undip Observers Ask the Community to Listen to National Politics

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September 30, 2022

Indonesia is made up of various ethnic groups and religions. These natural identities should be directed at strengthening national politics.

SEMARANG | KBA — Political observer at Diponegoro University (Undip) Semarang Dr. Teguh Yuwono S, M. Pol. Admin assesses that it is time for the public not to think about identity politics regarding presidential candidates in the 2024 presidential election. And change it with a national political mindset.

“Identity politics in Indonesia should not think about certain ethnic groups, certain religions, because identity is natural. When we were born, we couldn’t ask to be Javanese, so Chinese, so Arab, so Ambonese. It’s a natural gift from God,” explained Teguh to KBA News, Friday, September 30, 2022.

Thus, identity politics should be directed to national politics that Indonesia is built from various religions, ethnicities and so on.

“We must remember that the founders of this nation were from various ethnic groups and religions. In the past, the struggles were Jong Java, Jong Sunda, Jong Islamic, Jong Arab, and others, that was what built Indonesia, so this national political education should strengthen single diversity. diversity, pluralism,” said the Deputy Dean of FISIP Undip.

Furthermore, Teguh responded to the growing issue that a presidential candidate or a vice presidential candidate for Indonesia must come from a certain ethnicity or religion. Including the description of the presidential/vice presidential candidates in the upcoming 2024 presidential election in the figure of Anies Baswedan.

“What we should consider now is not about heredity, but we think that the founders of this nation are from various ethnic groups and religions,” he said.

In Teguh’s opinion, what must be seen is performance, educational background, achievements so far. It is not identity politics that is being trumpeted, but national politics.

“So I think we have to develop and not be compartmentalized in identity politics,” he added.

Teguh also emphasized that nothing in the constitution states that Indonesian citizens (WNI) are those who come from a certain religion or ethnicity.

Teguh explained, according to Article 2 of Law no. 12/2006, who become Indonesian citizens are people of the original Indonesian nation and people of other nations who are ratified by law as citizens.

“The law also states that the definition of a native Indonesian is an Indonesian citizen since his birth and has never received another citizenship of his own free will,” said Teguh. (kba)

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Posted by Maskur

September 30, 2022