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Healthy Food Registration System Information Dissemination

In accordance with the direction of the Rector of Universitas Diponegoro, currently, the academic and student affairs division in collaboration with the communication and business division has developed a healthy food registration system. In this regard, we hereby...

Announcement | Postgraduate & Profession Independent Test Results Of Even Semester Batch 2

Rector of Universitas Diponegoro hereby announces participants who have passed the selection as Prospective New Students on Postgraduate and Profession Independent Test Of Even Semester Batch 2 Final Stage of the 2021/2022 Academic Year. Information for the procedure...

Re-registration Of Postgraduate & Profession Independent Test Of Even Semester Batch 2

We hereby inform all participants of prospective new students of Postgraduate and Profession Programs of Even Semester Batch 2 to make re-registration according to the following information below : Re-Registration Information Download Here Decree of the Postgraduate...

Research Degree Opportunities At Teesside University, UK

Semarang, – Welcome to our postgraduate research pages. At Teesside University we believe that an investment in knowledge pays dividends; a postgraduate research degree is the highest degree awarded by a university. As well as enabling you to further...

Talenta Inovasi Indonesia Program Grantees

Students of Universitas Diponegoro who have passed the funding for the Talenta Inovasi Indonesia Program are expected to upload the output and complete the personal data through the link: no later than December 20, 2021. Undip...

Announcement | The 164th Graduation


Postgraduate Exam Information

We announce to those who had joined the Zoom for the Zoom Meeting with the ID 91468401783 to move to the new ID 249 920 9453 with the same PASSCODE


Studium Generale: Informal Trap in Indonesia’s Democracy

This studium generale will discuss the interesting topic of "Informal Traps in Indonesian Democracy". In Indonesian democracy, we are often caught up in various informal realities that can affect and even undermine the democratic process. In this occasion, you will be...

Seminar and Book Review on the Void of Citizen Rights Towards the 2024 Election

This activity will discuss the crucial issue of “The Void of Citizen Rights Towards the 2024 Elections”. The book that will be discussed also has the same title as the topic of this seminar. The book “The Void of Citizens’ Rights Towards the 2024 Elections” discusses...

Workshop: Writing International Journal Article and Proposing International Research Grant

This International Workshop will discuss international journal article writing and international research grant proposals. In order to improve the quality of writing, we present a visiting professor who is an expert in this field. This International Workshop will...

Guest Lecturer Lecture on Social Science Theories: Concepts and challenges of IKN Nusantara as a Forest City

Guest Lecturer Lecture on Social Science Theories: Concepts and challenges of IKN Nusantara as a Forest City

Article writing technique lecture

Summer Course of Politics and Government Studies, From Grass Root Activism to Disinformation: Social Movement In Southeast Asia

The first session of the Summer Course program of the Department of Politics and Government Studies was held on Monday, August 15, 2022, at 14:00 GMT+7 with the theme “From Grass Root Activism to Disinformation: Social Movement In Southeast Asia.” This session...

Public Discussion on Women and Politics


Research & Community Service

Contributing to Overcoming Floods, UNDIP Planted 7,500 Randu Trees at KHDTK Wanadipa Penggaron

Semarang – Central Java (31/1). Diponegoro University (Undip) held a joint tree planting activity between Diponegoro University, Perum Perhutani, the Environment and Forestry Service, and the...



Two Undip lecturers to Graduate from Science Leadership Collaborative

Jakarta, March 30, 2023 – Two Universitas Diponegoro lecturers, Ni Kadek Dita Cahyani and Laila Kholid Alfirdaus, became two of 27 Indonesian researchers who successfully completed a nine-month...

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