Admission Requirements

General Requirements 

  • Graduated from accredited university
  • Photo copy of undergraduate and postgraduate diploma with legalized transcript (for foreign university graduate the diploma shall be synchronized by Ditjen DIKTI)
  • Curriculum Vitae and employment history
  • Daftar riwayat hidup dan riwayat pekerjaan
  • Letter of permission from agency/working agency to continue doctoral studies, for those works under an agency

Additional Requirements

  • Graduated : From graduate study program or allied program from an accredited institution with minimum GPA 3.0 (1-4 scale) proven by legalized academic transcript.
  • Certificate of guarantee of tuition fee (Personal / Institution / Sponsor) on stamped paper
  • Submitting research proposal for dissertation with three pages minimum which include background, main problem, and method of research
  • Recommendation from senior lecturer from previous university or other party who can provide reference
  • Colored photo : 3 x 4 cm (4) and 4 x 6 cm (4)