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“I take the Doctor program in Social Science with a concentration in politics. I chose this major because I want to deepen my social science, especially in politics, maybe one day I can join Indonesian politics. What’s interesting is that my doctoral study is actually the same as the undergraduate and postgraduate studies that I had taken, namely both social science. By studying political science, I know in detail the theories and sciences scientifically about politics, “said Tutting Anggraeni. S.Psi., M.M, a student of the Doctoral Program at Universitas Diponegoro School of Postgraduate Studies.

Her busy life as a wife of Military District Commander 0718 Lieutenant Colonel Czi Adi Ilham Zamani, S.E., M.I.Pol (District Military Command / 0718 Pati) as well as Ibu Persit (Soldier’s Wives Association) did not dampen her steps to continue learning and take the highest educational opportunities. She got many experiences at Undip, one of which was meeting extraordinary lecturers, who were being very detailed in explaining various materials, always guiding and supporting the students to be active and enthusiastic in completing studies. She also had the experience of meeting friends from various regions and helping each other to finish their doctoral studies together quickly.

“Besides studying, as both a mother and a wife, I am currently accompanying my husband to serve in the 0718 Pati district military command, so that my busy life has also increased by becoming the head of the persit kck branch of xxxix. Many of the activities we carry out during this pandemic include social activities such as Friday blessings, sharing basic necessities, sharing masks and hand sanitisers to ease the burden on the community and our brothers and sisters, especially those in the Pati area,” she said.

“All of us must always be enthusiastic to gain knowledge because education is very important and with education we will become more qualified human beings, with integrity and always think visionary. Not only that, with education we can share knowledge and develop it with anyone because, in my religion, one of the good deeds is useful knowledge. Even for those who are married or working parents, education is important because the first school for the children is their parents. So, parents must be an example and can teach their children well,” she concluded. (Linda Public Relations)